Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gruntor's Blog: Day 0

Gruntor finally has blog. Typing email address twice is irritating. Joke is on them....i copied and pasted, didn't type it in twice! HAHA, silly website admin... i saved some keystrokes there! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Welcome to the blog. Gruntor will be sharing his regular thoughts and experiences with you. Gruntor has many. After missing out on last thousand or two years of development, things are certainly new and modern. Like English. and Tires.

About GRUNTOR: Gruntor is master of stealth. Skilled at war of many kinds. Sun-Tzu? my niece's kid. Taught him a few things. Let's see.... about Gruntor.... covered in camouflage, three inches tall... what? we were a bit shorter in the old days...

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