Monday, August 24, 2009

Gruntor is GOIN' To NY TOY FAIR 2010

IDOLZ TOYS to appear at the New York Toy Fair 2010
This coming February 14-17th, IDOLZ TOYS will be at the New York Toy Fair showcasing IDOLZ™ to the toy business community. "This is a great opportunity for our business to get some solid exposure over the coming months as we test our IDOLZ™ on the toy market place. We're very excited!" says Damien Noble, President of Idolz Toys LLC. For those of you attending, Idolz Toys' booth will be on Level 1 in the Designer Art Toys section, just beyond the Action Figures aisle. Click here to find us marked on the Toy Fair Map.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I wanted to share this event with you all who are reading this. Lol:

Next Saturday, IDOLZ will be sold in a store for the first time, in our sweet home town of Charleston, SC!

Captain's Comics & Toys
Back To School Sale
Guest Artist - Francesco Francavilla (Zorro, American Idol)
Guest Company - IDOLZ TOYS!
Selling IDOLZ™ premiere figure GRUNTOR (dat's me!) - figures will be signed and numbered by the creator!
Sale items 25-50% off

1209-D Sam Rittenberg Blvd
Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 766-6611

If you miss the event, the limited edition figures will be available online @

Don't forget to friend us @
and follow us @

Hope to see you all there!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gruntor is drinking a mocha chai frappucino at local Starbucks while typing away thoughtfully on Macbook pro. Gruntor is typing this, deleting it, and typing it again, and again because trendy girl is eyeing Gruntor near condiments stand.

Gruntor thinks she likes Gruntor's hammer. Girls always like the hammer. Slurping foam off top of cup, slowly turn to give girl Gruntor's look. Girl laughs.

Gruntor had foam on upper lip! Grr!

Gruntor turns back to facebook. Better luck maybe with Hotgirl.0683.

Gruntor Idolz
Gruntor Idolz
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gruntor's Blog: Day 0

Gruntor finally has blog. Typing email address twice is irritating. Joke is on them....i copied and pasted, didn't type it in twice! HAHA, silly website admin... i saved some keystrokes there! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Welcome to the blog. Gruntor will be sharing his regular thoughts and experiences with you. Gruntor has many. After missing out on last thousand or two years of development, things are certainly new and modern. Like English. and Tires.

About GRUNTOR: Gruntor is master of stealth. Skilled at war of many kinds. Sun-Tzu? my niece's kid. Taught him a few things. Let's see.... about Gruntor.... covered in camouflage, three inches tall... what? we were a bit shorter in the old days...

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